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Bulgarian Language and Literature MA

Insitution:Eötvös Loránd University
Faculty:Faculty of Humanities
Course / programme name:Bulgarian Language and Literature MA
Level of studies:Master
Qualification:Philologist in Bulgarian Language and Literature
Language of instruction:Bulgarian
Duration of the course / programme:4 semesters
Location/city of the course:Budapest
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Scholarship for Young Christian PeopleNot available

The aim of the program is to prepare students for well-trained specialists in Bulgarian philology. Students acquire comprehensive knowledge of Bulgarian literature from its early period to the modern age in a European context, as well as extensive knowledge of Bulgarian grammar and the history of Bulgarian. Moreover, they are acquainted with the latest linguistic theories, sociolinguistics, textology, lexicology, stylistics and phraseology. Developing both oral and written proficiency in Bulgarian is an important component of our program. The program ends with a thesis on a chosen subfield of Bulgarian philology.
This program is recommended to applicants who have a special interest in the Bulgarian language and literature and wish to work in an area that requires Bulgarian language skills or is related to the Bulgarian culture. The MA program does not provide teaching qualifications.
This program enables students to work as specialists of Bulgarian philology in the fields of economy, culture, politics or social sciences. There are many opportunities for young professionals with an excellent command of Bulgarian and a good understanding of Bulgarian culture, as well as historical, economic and social trends in contemporary Bulgaria.

Applicants must hold a university bachelor’s degree (or an equivalent college degree) in the fields listed below. Full credit acknowledgement is only given for a bachelor’s degree in Slavonic Studies, Specialized in Bulgarian Studies.In the case of any other degree, each diploma will be considered individually. The applicant must have 30 credits in the field of Bulgarian language, linguistics, literature or culture studies which might be acquired during the MA studies according to the Academic Regulations of the university.Transcripts from your bachelor's degree as well as course descriptions will be requested.The educational and outcome requirements are defined by the Ministry of Human Capacities, Regulation No. 18/2016. (VIII. 5.). Details of the application and admission process are defined by the Organisational and Operational Regulations of ELTE.
Entrance examination:Yes
Entrance type:oral
Minimum level of language proficiency (oral):B2
Minimum level of language proficiency (written):B2
Place of examination:electronic

Entrance examination and selection process
When the university receives the full application package and it is checked by the Department of International Affairs an entrance exam date option will be sent no later than the application deadline for the relevant period. Please, check your messages in the application system, and the e-mail address that is linked to the account regularly.
The applications are examined by the Admission Board no later than after each application period and applicants are notified of the outcome of the selection in the online application system after the decision is official. Admission letters are sent out in the online application system within a few days.

Procedure of the entrance examination
The entrance exam contains a discussion about the motivation of the applicant. Successful applicants must have a good command of English to pass the entrance exam. The entrance exam can be taken in person or via Skype.
Ranking is based on the overall evaluation of academic excellence (based on the submitted documents) and the results of the entrance exam.
Contact person name: Department of International Affairs
Contact person job position:
Contact website:
Availability of preparatory year in the Stipendium Hungaricum programme:No
Availability of specialisation year in the Stipendium Hungaricum programme:No
Min. students2
Max. students5