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Business Administration and Management

Insitution:University of Pannonia
Faculty:Faculty of Business and Economics
Course / programme name:Business Administration and Management
Level of studies:Bachelor
Qualification:Economist in Business Administration and Management
Language of instruction:English
Duration of the course / programme:7 semesters
Location/city of the course:Veszprém
Study in Hungary link:
Scholarship for Young Christian PeopleNot available

The aim of the programme is to expand the already acquired knowledge and skills in the fields of economy, social theories, applied economics and methodology enabling students to plan and analyze the various processes of business organizations and institutions and to direct and organize the business and entrepreneurial activities. Graduates will acquire knowledge and skills enabling them to: apply theoretical knowledge in practice, continue their studies at Master’s Levels.

secondary school final exam, TOEFL, IELTS, Attestation of Language Proficiency in case of English language former study
Entrance examination:Yes
Entrance type:oral
Minimum level of language proficiency (oral):B2
Minimum level of language proficiency (written):B2
Place of examination:Electronic

After sending all the necessary application documents, the applicant takes a professional entrance examination via Skype organised by the Admission Committee of the Faculty of Business and Economics.
Contact person name:Ms Tünde Vajda
Contact person job position:International Coordinator
Availability of preparatory year in the Stipendium Hungaricum programme:No
Availability of specialisation year in the Stipendium Hungaricum programme:No
Min. students1
Max. students30