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Agricultural Engineering

Insitution:Eszterházy Károly University
Faculty:Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development
Course / programme name:Agricultural Engineering
Level of studies:Bachelor
Qualification:Agricultural Engineer
Language of instruction:English
Duration of the course / programme:7 semesters
Location/city of the course:Gyöngyös
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Scholarship for Young Christian PeopleAvailable

The aim of the agricultural engineering programme is to provide future agricultural professionals with general expertise in the fields of agricultural production, processing and business management. Upon graduation they possess a comprehensive understanding of science, technology, agriculture and business, as well as reasonable professional judgement. They have the skills to pursue farming on their own, to produce and market competitive agricultural products, to establish and run a business and to analyse the commercial and economic processes relevant to agriculture. Optional specialization: (1) Agro-environment Manager.
The programme emphasizes hands-on expertise and the practicing of the various skills. With respect to the programme structure, sessions in laboratories, specially equipped classrooms and field practice comprise over 60% of the studies. Fields of study most relevant to the qualification to be obtained: (1) Study of the soil, tillage and land use, (2) Crop production, (3) Horticulture, (4) Animal husbandry and fodder, (5) Business management

Secondary school leaving certificate
Entrance examination:Yes
Entrance type:oral
Minimum level of language proficiency (oral):B2
Minimum level of language proficiency (written):B2
Place of examination:Electronic

Description of selection and entrance examination process
The admission procedure consits of the following parts:
- 20-30 minutes long online interview (via Skype or GoogleChat)
The Centre for International Relations will contact all applicants to set up a suitable time for the online interview (Skype, GoogleChat). Applicants will be interviewed by appointed staff members from the Department and the Centre for International Relations. Professors will check the applicant’s preliminary knowledge of the chosen study area and motivation. The Centre for International Relations will check the language skills and intercultural competences of the applicant.
The admission decision is based on the following results:
- result of previous studies (max. 20 points)
- CV, motivation letter (max. 20 points)
- online interview (max. 60 points)
Minimum admission requirements: 60 points. Those applicants who gain less than 5 points in any section of the admission procedure will be rejected.
Contact person name:Ms Dóra Póka
Contact person job position:Campus International Coordinator
Availability of preparatory year in the Stipendium Hungaricum programme:No
Availability of specialisation year in the Stipendium Hungaricum programme:No
Min. students5
Max. students30