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Insitution:University of Pécs
Faculty:Medical School
Course / programme name:Biotechnology
Level of studies:Master
Language of instruction:English
Duration of the course / programme:4 semesters
Location/city of the course:Pécs
Study in Hungary link:
Scholarship for Young Christian PeopleNot available

The MSc course aims to educate biotechnologists who possess a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge of biotechnology with medical and pharmaceutical sciences in focus. The curriculum is practice-oriented and provides the necessary skills for graduates to start work immediately after graduation in the biotech or pharma industries or to enroll in a PhD programme. The programme provides opportunities for students to become involved in research activities in various departments of the Faculties of Medicine and Science or to prepare diploma work in biotechnology-based SMEs (Small or Medium Enterprises) or in the pharmaceutical industry. The University is a member of the European Biotechnology Network, an association which actively supports the programme.

BSc degree (with a strong background in biology-related subject), B2 level English language proficiency certificate, CV, motivation letter, medical certificate, HIV test result, Vaccination card with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C immunization record or serology results, Chest X-ray, passport copy
Entrance examination:Yes
Entrance type:oral
Minimum level of language proficiency (oral):B2
Minimum level of language proficiency (written):B2
Place of examination:skype interview / personal

Applicants have to take an oral entrance exam in person either in Pécs, Hungary or abroad if an exam is organized by one of our representatives. The oral interview may be taken by an online Skype exam too. The main aspects of the interview are the applicant\\\'s scientific fields and the basic knowledge of the research work.
Contact person name:Ms Lívia Csidei
Contact person job position:head of admissions
Contact website:
Availability of preparatory year in the Stipendium Hungaricum programme:No
Availability of specialisation year in the Stipendium Hungaricum programme:No
Min. students1
Max. students10